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Low Cost of Ownership
Automatic Process Control
Heated Re-Circulated Wash
Open Loop DI Water Rinsing
Programmable Compress Air Drying
Small Footprint
Custom Tailored Manifold and Component Holder
Touch Screen Interface
Easily Configurable Process Control
1-Micron Particle Filtration



Cyclone™ Batch Electronics Cleaning Systems

The Austin American Technology Cyclone™ system is designed from the ground up towards meeting medical cleaning requirements while maintaining full analytical process control. Implantable Medical DeviceThe Cyclone™ system features a custom-tailored unified manifold, designed on a per-project basis. Allowing the system to be fully optimized to each and every medical application. The system has currently been implimented in US FDA certified facilities, with a fully certified process in cleaning individual lead components and removing producation debris from fully assembled pacemaker and defibulator devices.

The system has been designed for upmost engineering process control as well as customizability. The system is designed to store up to 6 custom recipes, with each recipe defining:
 • Wash Time
 • Wash Temperature
 • Rinse Time
 • Dry Time
 • Dry Air Pulsing Function (Used to dislodge physical debris).
 • Full Lockout Procedure
 • User Permission Escillation

In order to maintain complete control over the cleaning process, the equipment is designed around User Permission Escalation allowing the engineer to specify equipment reaction based on a failed process cycle or system error. This allows facility engineering to lock-out the equipment during a cycle or equipment failure. All cycle and equipment errors are logged internally allowing the engineer to access full equipment history through the front mounted touch screen.

The equipment is built from high-density polyproplene plastic which meets FDA requirements allowing for a sterile cleaning chamberProcess Chamber With Custom Component Holder during operation. Additionally the system features 1, 5, or 10 micron particle filtration (user definable) in order to filter out debris from wash chamber preventing redistribution. System control is based around industrial PLC along with a 6" touch screen interface.

Technical Papers & Research

APEX 2008Cyclone™ Video Presentation
Play Time: 04:52

Description: Watch a brief video detailing the technology behind the Cyclone™ precision cleaning system.

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