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NEW X30 Stencil / Misprint / PCB Cleaner
3-5 Week Delivery

X30 Standard Features

  • Universal Cleaning (PCB, Stencil, Misprint, Pallet)
  • Large Format Cleaning 29″ X 29″
  • Fast Cycle Times (10-20 Minutes)
  • Closed Loop Configuration
  • Operator Friendly Touch Screen Control
  • Independent Wash and Rinse Reservoirs
  • Small Footprint
  • Automatic Wash/Rinse/Dry
  • Aqueous/Combustible/Flammable Solvents
  • Wash and Rinse Particle Filtration
  • Automated Lift Assembly Prevents Stencil Warping
  • Cleans Through-Hole and Blind-Hole Misprints
  • Cleans Fine Pitch Stencils Without Pre-Cleaning
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