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Austin American Technology

AAT’s Mission and History

Austin American Technology was founded by Steve Stach in 1986

Steve StachSteve is the founder and President and Chairman of the Board of Austin American Technology Corporation.  Steve holds seven patents in cleaning and soldering with others pending.

Steve has authored numerous papers and articles in the areas of cleaning and microelectronic assembly processes.  Steve has a BS in chemistry from Southwestern Oklahoma State University and graduate studies in chemical engineering at Texas Tech.  Steve is a founding member of the Central Texas Electronics Association and is a past Director of IMAPS.  Steve is active on several IPC cleaning and conformal coating committees.  Previous to starting Austin American Technology, Steve worked in medical and military electronics as a process engineer.


2018 Introduced the ExtremeJet® Inline Micro –Hybrid Circuit Cleaner

  • Advanced dual cleaning technology
  • Cleans 100% under 1 mil gaps
  • New air curtain isolation
  • AAT’s patented Jet Manifold drying system

2016 Won Global SMT & Packaging Editor’s Choice Award

  • Automatic ROSE Cleanliness Tester
  • Shorter Cycle Times
  • Low Energy and Chemistry Consumption
  • Holds Twice as Many Board
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Stainless Steel Construction


2016 Introduced Aqua ROSE™ Batch Circuit Board Cleaner / ROSE Tester™

  • Automatic ROSE Cleanliness Tester
  • Earth Smart (ES) Close Loop Wash and Close Loop Rinse included
  • Rapid Drying with Three Manifolds
  • Programmable ROSE Limits 0.01 to 10.00 ug NaCl eq/CM2
  • Easy Programming with Password Protection
  • Auto Chem Mixing 4-20%


2015 Introduced the Ultra-X™ “Sonic” Stencil Cleaner and Mega SA® Semi-Aqueous Cleaner

Ultra-X™ “Sonic” Stencil Cleaner

  • Earth Smart – Completely closed loop
  • Automatic heated ultrasonic wash with filtration
  • DI rinse and compressed air dry
  • Maintenance pump and cleaning head
  • Stencil inspection backlight

Mega SA® Semi-Aqueous Cleaner

  • Automatic Wash/Rinse/Test/Dry
  • Removes Fluxes
  • Performs Resistivity Test
  • Closed Loop Operation – No Drains
  • Organic Solvents
  • Stainless Steel Construction


2013 Introduced the NanoJet® “Worlds smallest” Inline Cleaner

  • Worlds smallest 8 foot inline cleaner does it all
  • Closed loop high energy wash
  • Closed loop DI high purity rinse
  • Patented displacement dryer


2010 Introduced Mega ION® Worlds 1st Cleaner and Ionic Tester combo

  • Clean and Ionic Cleanliness Test in one machine
  • Uses multiple organic solvents
  • Closed loop solvent recycling


2008 Introduced AquaTherm™ Batch Cleaner

  • High temperature chem wash and DI rinse
  • Wash and rinse up to 199F
  • Rotating coherent high energy cleaning jets
  • All Stainless body with viewing window & light
  • Pass/Fail cleanliness check standard


2007 Developed and Introduced Vectored Jets

  • Improves cleaning performance in inline cleaners
  • Reduces fluid losses and operational costs
  • Improves cleaning and rinsing under tightly spaced parts


2006 Developed PED Wash/Rinse Jets for Inline

Cleaners AAT Engineering reduces the footprint of inline cleaners by redesigning.

  • Progressive energy fluid design improves cleaning under SMT parts
  • Speeds the cleaning process up to 10X
  • Uses less chemistry


2001 Develop & Introduce the MicroJet®

  • AAT wins Vision Award for Best Cleaner


1999 Introduced the HydroJet® Mach III – Vision Award Winner

  • AAT introduces the HydroJet® Inline Cleaner incorporating Jet Manifold isolation and drying technology. The Jet® Manifold technology combined with new coherent wash and rinse jets.

1998 Developed/Patented Inline Cleaner Dryer

  • AAT Engineering designs and tests a new “Jet® Manifold” dryer that displaces water rather than evaporate it. This dries the assembly faster, with less energy, and produces a cleaner module.
  • Patent issued in 1999


1996 AAT Purchased the ECD’s Aqueous and Semi-aqueous Batch Defluxers

  • This purchase expanded the AAT cleaning line into both aqueous and semi-aqueous based defluxers.
  • This line eventually evolves into the current AquaTherm™ product line


1995 Developed and Patented Mega II® Precision Closed Loop Solvent Based Cleaner

First solvent cleaner in the electronic assembly market to use room temperature ion exchange purification process instead of heated distillation process.

  • Allowed the use of non-ozone depleting solvents to replace traditional degreasing solvents
  • Total Automatic programmable wash, rinse and dry in a sealed system.


1992 Introduced New X30A™ for SMT Stencils/Misprints/PCBs

The X30A™ was improved with:

  • Water knife for rinsing under components
  • A separate programmable cycle for stencils and misprinted boards
  • A universal board holder


1988 Introduced/Patented Worlds 1st SMT Automated Spray-in-Air Stencil Cleaner

  • The success of our rework line allowed AAT engineering to turn to SMT cleaning where we designed and developed the industries first fully automated stencil cleaner.
  • This year our patent was awarded for spray in air “Pulse” Wash Technology.
  • The AAT X-Cleaner was the first to provide other key features such as an automated lift and a solder powder collection system.


1987 Introduced/Patented SMT Rework Station™

  • The first product AAT introduced was “SMART” Hot Gas Rework Station™.
  • It quickly gained a significant market share and remained part of the AAT product line until 2005.