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Aqua ROSE Batch Cleaner

The World’s First Aqueous Batch Cleaner and ROSE Tester In One!

The Aqua ROSE™, from Austin American Technology, introduces a new era to batch cleaning / Ionic Contamination Testing.

Now experience a batch cleaner that offers multiple cleaning and testing technologies for capability previously unachieved in a compact footprint. In addition to aqueous and aqueous chemistry-based cleaning, the innovative Aqua ROSE™ supports process temperature ranges from ambient to 176°F. An intuitive user interface allows the operator to select the type and duration of wash, number of rinse cycles, and duration of the forced-air dry cycle.

Ideal for printed circuit boards, semiconductors, subassemblies and process tooling, the Aqua ROSE™ brings flexible, unparalleled cleaning performance to the batch process.

Additionally the Aqua ROSE™ features a heated holding tank. Providing the highest cleanliness standard, allowing the customer to meet and surpass cleanliness requirements.

WASH Open Loop Pump to Drain Closed Loop Closed Loop
RINSE Open Loop Pump to Drain Open Loop with Transfer Station Closed Loop





Saves Time and Money by Combining Cleaning and Testing in One Step

Austin American Technology’s Aqua ROSE™ cleaner / tester is the only aqueous batch cleaner with automatic IPC “ROSE” cleanliness testing built into the cycle assuring proper cleaning every cycle.

High Temperature Wash & Rinse Cycle

As the Aqua ROSE’s™ nomenclature suggests, the system is designed from the ground up for high temperature operation, with a wash and rinse operating temperature of 180F (80C). This allows for cleaning under lower stand-off components. As well as allows the system to fully utilize semi-aqueous based chemistries allowing the system to operate at lower chemical concentrations (on average between 2 – 4%).

Open / Closed Loop Wash Operation

The Aqua ROSE OL™  wash fluid is sent to facility drain after the wash cycle is completed. Paired with high temperature wash operation the system is capable of running a lean chemical concentration in order to reduce operating costs. A concentration of 2 – 4% is possible while maintaining complete assembly de-fluxing.
The Aqua ROSE CL™ and Aqua ROSE ES™ has an internal heated wash reservoir after the wash cycle is complete allowing the system to reuse the aqueous/semi-aqueous chemistry.

Chemical Dispensing System

This features a chemical dispensing pump, allowing for recipe independent chemical concentrations (4 – 20%). This means that the engineer can maintain process recipes with varying chemistry concentrations, allowing for a high degree of process configurability and flexibility. Chemical Dispensing system is standard on Aqua ROSE™ systems allowing the system to fill the integrated wash holding tank with the required chemical concentration.

Automatic Defoaming Detection 

A programmable metering pump injects a defoaming agent in every aqua-wash cycle and sets a minimum amount of rinse cycles to conductivity.

The process chamber pressure is constantly monitored until the programmable pressure threshold is reached. 

Open / Closed Loop Rinse Operation

The Aqua ROSE OL ™and Aqua ROSE CL™ rinse water after each rinse cycle the rince goes to drain.
The Aqua ROSE ES™ utilizing AAT’s Earth Smart Technology is configured with a closed loop wash and rinse requiring no external DI source or connection to sewer when cleaning and rinsing. With this system you have zero discharge to drain saving thousands of gallons of water annually.

ROSE Testing Capability in Every Cycle

The new Aqua ROSE™ cleanliness measuring algorithm uses the Resistance Of Solvent Extract (ROSE) test methodology laid out in IPC TM-650.  The “ROSE” test is the recognized industry standard in measuring and monitoring ionic cleanliness of manufactured modules on most military, space, and medically related products.

Previously the two operations were two separate systems and just a few samples were pulled for ionic cleanliness. Combining these into one operation, makes collecting and controlling ionic cleanliness effortless and 100%. Every batch cleaned can be programmed with an automatic ROSE test of 1 to 10 minutes which occurs prior to the final DI rinse and before the drying operation eliminating the possibility of a batch escape and cuts the need for extra board handling and test equipment.  This is unlike other cleaners that simply report the final rinse DI purity and do not report the actual ionic cleanliness level (NaCl eq./cm2)

Updating IPC Standards on ROSE or Ionic Cleanliness Testing

Rotating Vortex Dryer

The new hot rotation vortex dryer utilizes the same spray wands as the wash using a 1 hp blower with 110 CFM. This highly efficient dryer dries 25% faster than the AquaTherm™.

Cleans All Flux Types with Programmable Selection

The Aqua ROSE™ cleaner has selectable cycles for cleaning with either commercial aqueous based de-fluxing agents or water only.

Small Footprint (32.5” x 27.25” x 61.5”)
Electrical (208/230V, 50/60Hz, 20AMPS Single Phase)