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Cut Solvent Use by 98%

Mega ION™  Batch Closed Loop Cleaning/Testing System

Austin American Technology’s Mega ION™ cleaning system is designed for solvent based high reliability, applications requiring product cleanliness verification (IPC ROSE Testing). It is used for final clean prior to conformal coat, encapsulation or other sealing operations used to protect electronic modules. The Mega ION™ is compatible with multiple solvents including but not limited to DI water, water alcohol mixtures, pure alcohol, evaporative hydrocarbons (like cyclohexane) commercial solvent blends not requiring a water rinse.

The Mega ION has three programmable cycle choices. The first choice is “Wash Only” and would be used for cleaning where a ROSE Test is not required. The second choice is a “Wash” with a ROSE Test following a wash and rinse cycle. The final choice is “Test Only” which allows the operator to run a cleanliness test only which is the standard IPC ROSE Test. All cycles include a drying cycle at the end.

Wash and rinse cycles incorporate a highly effective spray under immersion process with strategically located venturi nozzles for maximum cleaning efficiency. Agitation can be controlled to handle sensitive wire-bonded substrates or difficult to clean, tightly-spaced flip chip technology.

Safety is designed into the Mega ION™ series. The process chamber is always empty when not in use and must be closed and latched before the cleaning cycle begins. Solvent replenishment is automated so the operator is never in contact with wash fluid during normal operational. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the process tank drains into an integrated holding tank at a controlled rate to minimize drag-out. At the end of the dry cycle, the process chamber is clean, dry and free of solvent.

Ionic testing is based on “ROSE”, allowing the system to quantify ionic contamination of the circuit board after or before cleaning. This allows the operator to clean and test the circuit boards within one system.

Solvent Ionic Regeneration

AAT’s unique regeneration system increases the MEGA ION™ bath life by removing flux, finger soils and other manufacturing soils from the wash solution without heat or condensing coils. This provides on average a 1000% increase in bath life and reduces solvent waste. The integrated solvent regeneration typical maintains the solvent purity level at a higher standard than the solvent as received from the vendor.

Closed Loop Operation

The MEGA ION™ system operates in a closed loop environment with wash bath life maintained through the use of an integrated ionic exchange filter system. This provides a rapid economic payback based upon solvent and solvent disposal saving combined with less maintenance downtime and high production uptime.

Reliable Pre-Seal Cleaner

The MEGA ION™ cleaning system is designed to perform the crucial final clean and cleanliness verification prior to sealing the electronics package unlike any other cleaning system.  The Mega ION™ is solvent based programmable cleaner/tester that provides critical cleaning to an exact repeatable recipe and quantifies the precise cleanliness level of each batch of parts. 

Pass/Fail testing

The MEGA ION™ provides a “Pass or Fail” indication to the operator if each batch meets the IPC J STD cleanliness limit for finished circuit cards.  The programmable touch screen allow a tighter limit to be set for more critical applications.  In addition process parameters and levels are monitored and automatically alarmed and recorded and results display on-screen and at the end of cycle as well.Closed Loop Wash Operation.

MEGA ION™ COLD SOLVENT CLEANER/TESTER for Final Clean, Pre- Seal, PreConformal Coating, Pre-Encapsulation or Potting

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