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ExtremeJet® Inline Cleaner

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ExtremeJet® Inline Micro –Hybrid Circuit Cleaner

The ExtremeJet® design is based on proven effective and efficient design developed in our Jet inline cleaning series. Some standard features include 30% more spray bars than our standard machines, 50% smaller footprint to comparable competitive systems, touch screen operation and programming, password protection, high energy cleaning and rinsing jets, and built-in process data logging to USB.

In keeping with AAT’s innovative design, the ExtremeJet® includes its advanced dual cleaning technology and new air curtain isolation. The dual action spray bars combine coherent spray jets that use high impingement energy to clean tough areas and flooding jets to give the highest performance with variable board geometries to create the ultimate cleaning experience. AAT has also added 4 new air curtain isolation cells with coherent jet technology to cut chemistry consumption by reducing drag out, improving DI closed-loop bed life, and speeding up the process.

Also, each of the high powered motors have VFDs to provide maximum electrical efficiency and process programmability to lower electrical costs.





Durable Construction

The ExtremeJet® in-line system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for excellent chemical compatibility and long life. It has a non-corroding, rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, and hinged windows at each chamber for easy access. The conveyor employs an automatic tensioning system and torque limitation to protect the drive motor in both forward and reverse modes.

Dual Action Spraybars

The stainless steel Dual Action spray bars combine Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) with stainless steel Flooding Jets to clean the parts thoroughly. 

The Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) Coherent Jets optimizes impingement force and flow without operation at unnecessarily high pressures. An optional chemical injection system automatically adds and maintains chemical concentration.

The Flooding Jets to give the highest performance with variable board geometries to create the ultimate cleaning experience.

Air Curtain Isolation Cells

The Air Curtain Isolation Cells dramatically reduce the amount of wash chemistry used, thus significantly reducing operating costs.

Power Rinse and Final Rinse

Heated and recirculated water utilizing Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) is directed on the PCB using powerful stainless steel spray bars during the power rinse. The final rinse is heated and closed loop and comes standard with a conductivity monitoring system with programmable alarms.

Patented Displacement Drying

The ExtremeJet® comes with Austin American Technology’s patented Jet Manifold drying system which removes water from the PCB without using an independent heater, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on the assembly. The ExtremeJet® uses a HEPA filter to minimize particulate contamination of sensitive electronics. With all its advanced technology, the ExtremeJet® Inline Cleaner uses certified Earth Smart scientific know-how to maximize savings and minimize environmental impact.

Closed Loop Design

The ExtremeJet®, like all AAT Inline Cleaners, is certified Earth Smart guarantees maximum savings and minimal environmental impact.

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