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High Performance Aqueous Inline Electronics Cleaning Systems

Austin American Technology’s MicroJet EC® breakthrough advances in cleaning technology bring Progressive Energy Dynamics to the MicroJet EC® In-line Cleaning System resulting in cleaning power unequaled in its class. Developed using complex modeling techniques, this innovative approach to cleaning ensures that each progressive stage in the process optimizes mechanical and thermal energy to achieve the best possible performance. High-density assemblies can be effectively cleaned at line speeds in a footprint not much greater than a batch system.

Featuring a standardized Mach II+, powered by a 20Hp blower, the Austin American Technology MicroJet EC®‘s drying capability meets increasing throughput demands as your requirements change – without adding to the size of the machine’s footprint! Ideal for water-only cleaning, the MicroJet EC® in-line system also offers easy accessibility and simple maintenance to maximize uptime and productivity.

Optimized impingement force and flow management give the MicroJet EC® in-line cleaning system the power to out-perform other machines in its class in tough, water-only applications with low-standoff height components. Patented high-volume, directed flow drying technology complements the machine’s outstanding cleaning capability by efficiently forcing water out of tight spaces and not allowing evaporation to leave behind harmful residues.

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Durable Construction

The Microjet EC® in-line system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for excellent chemical compatiablity and long life. It has a non-corroding, rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, a detachable load section, and hinged windows at each chamber for easy access. The conveyor employs automatic tensioning system and torque limitation to protect the drive motor in both forward and reverse modes.

Pre-Wash and Wash

The prewash section can serve as an extension of the wash section (for use with wash chemistry). The recirculated wash section features Progressive Energy Dynamics which optimizes impingement force and flow without operation at unnecessarily high pressures. An optional chemical injection system can add saponifiers or a defoamer. Chemical Isolation section is upgradable to include wet isolation and an additional air jet isolation. This can dramatically reduce the amount of wash chemistry used, thus significantly reducting operating costs.

Power Rinse and Final Rinse

Heated and recirculated water utilizing Progressive Energy Dynamics is directed on the PCB during the power rinse. The final rinse, which uses as little as 2 GPM.

Patented Dynamic Drying

Austin American Technology’s patented Jet Manifold drying system removes water from the PCB without adding heat, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on the assembly. This technology also reduces operating costs and increases blower life.

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