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MicroJet FC® Inline Cleaner

Austin American Technology’s MicroJet FC® inline cleaning system includes the current standard of coherent jet technology to clean under tightly spaced components. AAT further improved this technology by developing Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED), which is only available on Austin American Inline Cleaners.

The MicroJet FC® Inline Cleaner is available in two standard configurations, the MicroJet FC® and the MicroJet EC®. The MicroJet FC® is a fully capable chemistry inline cleaner including pre-wash, chemical wash, chemical isolation, power rinse, final rinse and displacement drying. The MicroJet EC® was designed for water only cleaning which includes a pre-wash, water wash, isolation, final rinse and displacement drying.

Austin American’s MicroJet® Cleaner is equipped with a patented displacement drying system which minimizes energy consumption and ionic residues left on boards and provides the fastest drying performance available.

The MicroJet FC® Inline Cleaner comes standard with an integrated Closed Loop System which over it’s life will save thousands of gallons of water and kilowatts of power, which translates into a quick payback on this machine.


Durable Construction

The MicroJet FC® in-line system is constructed of high-density polypropylene for excellent chemical compatibility and long life. It has a non-corroding, rigid metal chassis, unibody construction, a detachable load section, and hinged windows at each chamber for easy access. The conveyor employs automatic tensioning system and torque limitation to protect the drive motor in both forward and reverse modes.


Pre-Wash and Wash

The pre-wash section can serve as an extension of the wash section. The recirculated wash section features Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) which optimizes impingement force and flow without operation at unnecessarily high pressures. An optional chemical injection system automatically adds and maintains chemical concentration (FC only). The Chemical Isolation section comes standard with air jet isolation and is upgradable to include wet isolation and additional air jet isolation. This can dramatically reduce the amount of wash chemistry used, thus significantly reducing operating costs.

Power Rinse and Final Rinse

Heated and recirculated water utilizing Progressive Energy Dynamics (PED) is directed on the PCB during the power rinse. The final rinse is heated and closed loop. And comes standard with a conductivity monitoring system with programmable alarms.


Patented Displacement Drying

Austin American Technology’s patented Jet Manifold drying system removes water from the PCB without using an independent heater, eliminating the tendency to “bake” unwanted ionic contamination on the assembly. The MicroJet® uses a HEPA filter to minimize particulate contaminate of sensitive electronics.


Closed Loop Design

The MicroJet®, like all AAT Inline Cleaners, is certified Earth Smart guarantees maximum savings and minimal environmental impact.

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