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Mega SA®

Mega SA® Solvent Cleaner

Austin American Technology’s Mega SA® cleaning system is designed for primary defluxing and final cleaning prior to sealing. It uses semi-aqueous chemistries requiring a water rinse. The Mega SA® is compatible with Terpenes, and petroleum-based solvent blends (like Axarel 32 and Axarel 2200) or higher molecular weight alcohol blends like Kyzen I3300™, then is followed by a DI water rinse and a hot air dryer.

The wash cycle incorporates a highly effective spray under immersion process with strategically located venturi nozzles for maximum cleaning efficiency. Agitation can be controlled to handle sensitive wire-bonded substrates or difficult to clean, tightly-spaced flip chip technology.

Safety is designed into the Mega SA®. The process chamber is always empty when not in use and must be closed and latched before the cleaning cycle begins. Solvent replenishment is automated so the operator is never in contact with wash fluid during normal operational. At the end of the cleaning cycle, the process tank drains into an integrated holding tank at a controlled rate to minimize drag-out rinsing is then accomplished with DI water to remove the residual cleaning solvent before drying. At the end of the dry cycle, the process chamber is clean, dry and free of chemistry and water.

Solvent Ionic Regeneration

AAT’s unique regeneration system increases the Mega SA® bath life is monitored and measured with an automatic solvent density check with a programmable target density and settable/acceptable density range.

Wash Closed Loop Defluxing

The Mega SA® system operates in a closed loop environment with wash bath life maintained through the use of an integrated solvent testing system. This provides an economic payback based upon solvent and solvent disposal saving combined with less maintenance downtime and high production uptime.

Reliable Pre-Seal Cleaner

The Mega SA® cleaning system is designed to perform the crucial final clean and cleanliness verification prior to sealing the electronics package unlike any other cleaning system.  The Mega SA® is solvent based programmable cleaner that provides critical cleaning to an exact repeatable recipe and quantifies the precise cleanliness level of each batch of parts. 

Rinse Verification

The Mega SA® provides a “Pass or Fail” indication to the operator if each batch meets the programmed rinse purity limit for finished circuit boards.  The programmable touch screen allows a tighter limit to be set for more critical applications. In addition, process parameters and levels are monitored and automatically alarmed and recorded and results display on-screen and at the end of the cycle as well.

MEGA SA® Organic Solvent Cleaner with DI Water Rinse and Automatic Dryer


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